Coaches at Community Fitness Wellington are all local Wellington and Palm Beach County Florida residents and certified trainers.  Several of our coaches also have Olympic Lifting certifications and many years of experience working with people of all ages.  There is no judgment here, only support and encouragement.  We will work to bring the best out of you!

Jeff Dempsey

Jeff Dempsey

Owner / Head Coach / Personal Trainer

2021 Masters weightlifting World Champion, 3X CrossFit Games Athlete & 3X USA Weightlifting National Champion

With really no athletic background, I started training in 2012. I had been an avid runner for about a year when a friend suggested I try CrossFit. I was hooked after my first class! Within a month of starting, I entered his first competition, placing 10th. There was no going back after that!

I completed my Level 1 certification within a year of starting the sport. My strength, endurance, crazy cardio ability and just pure passion for the sport drove me. In 2013 I finished 53rd in the CrossFit Open, in 2014 I finished 11th in the entire world. In 2015 and 2017 he qualified and competed in the Reebok CrossFit Games. I also competed on the Olympic Lifting stage where I succeeded as a 2016 National Olympic Lifting Champion, Pan American Olympic Champion, and Pan American world record holder.

I started Community Fitness to provide a space for athletes at all skill levels to train and workout. I became a coach/trainer because while excercise is my passion, helping people reach their goals is what motivates me. I want people to feel the rush when they accomplish something they never thought that they could do. Seeing someone get a pull-up or a personal beat lift is my driving factor. When I am in the gym I am always watching to see if I can help our members reach their potential.

Though I no longer lead our scheduled classes, leaving that to our great group of coaches, I still help members through individual personal training and have begun coaching highschool weight lifting with many of my students becoming state podium finishers and champions.

Kathy McCuaig

Coach: Community Fit

Welcome our new coach Little Kathy. She was with us at our original location and now will be coaching a couple mornings. She is a competitive weightlifter a new mom and use to be a competitive cheerleader. She will be coaching Monday and Friday mornings.

Jeff Radka

Jeff Radka

Coach: Community Fit, Row Fit

I’m the other Jeff at Community Fitness Wellington, I’ve been coaching here since shortly after I discovered CrossFit in 2014. My fitness career started in 2009 with one on one training until I later gravitated towards group fitness. I coach both CrossFit classes as well as RowFit which is a combination of rowing and functional fitness movements. I find that working out with a group is the best way to stay motivated which is why I fell in love with CrossFit in the first place.

Kaylee Sunderlin

Coach: Community Fit, Kids Fit

I started at community fitness when I was 14 and immediately fell in love with working out.

My passion for fitness carried into high school where I competed and placed as a top 10 weightlifter in the state of Florida.

In addition to improving my own fitness, I has a strong desire to help others find their own health.  In accordance with that desire I have enrolled in FSU where I am pursuing a degree in sports fitness.  I honestly believe you are never too young to start working on your physical fitness.  Putting action to that belief I started up the “kids fit” program where we introduce kids to the world of fitness.

Kaylee Sunderlin
Marcus Washington 1


Coach: Community Fit

Crossfit L1 Certified

I have always carried a passion for health and wellness and directing that passion towards helping others reach their goals in their mind, body, and spirit.

I have been teaching health and physical education since 2017. In addition to teaching, I have coached strength and conditioning for the Pahokee High Schools football team, and am an active Boot Camp and CrossFit level 1 instructor.

In my past athletic career I played football for St, Lawerence university where I held a team captain position, and graduated with studies in exercise science. With my extended background and interest in fitness some of you may question why I started. I believe fitness starts with you, and once you make that commitment the sky is the limit. I myself, struggled with a massive weight gain post college, where clothes began to feel tight and my reflection in the mirror was not who I wanted to be. I made a commitment to myself to do and be better. Health is wealth. I began eating for purpose by following a mostly plant based diet and exercising with intent. From that point on everything changed. My fitness journey began and my lifestyle changed forever. I look forward to helping you find your journey too!

Michael Eden

Coach: Community Fit

Crossfit L1 Certified

I first discovered this style of working out in 2014 when a friend took me to my first Crossfit class. I ended up throwing up and instantly fell in love with the intensity and variety of movements and combinations of workouts. I then went on to get my Level 1 CrossFit Certification to start coaching in 2016.

As a licensed physical therapy assistant, I enjoy when an athlete takes the time to tell me how he/she can now perform certain movements or lifts without any pain. What is even better is when someone tells me about how working out has transferred into other areas of their everyday life.

I’m a melting pot of different coaching styles. I will work to motivate my athletes through humor, positive encouragement and sh*t talking if that is what gets you moving.

Michael Eden
Joel Villahermosa 2

Joel Villahermosa

Coach: Community Fit, Deka Fit

Government contractor by day, fitness enthusiast by night. Outside of coaching and working out, I enjoy tacos and margaritas. My favorite day at the gym is when it’s upper body. Fun facts: I have traveled to over 10 countries, lived in 5 different states, and am a Air Force Vet.

Marisa Joyce

Coach: Community Fit


My name is Marisa and I am so happy to be a part of the CrossFit DOA team.


I have been a CrossFit trainer since 2019, seek to grow as a trainer daily, and grateful for any opportunity to coach.
In college I saw a flyer for CrossFit and decided to try it out it transformed my life. Personally, I struggled with my relationship with exercise and nutrition but through functional fitness I began to learn how to take care of myself and my quality of life improved drastically. Everyone deserves that. So, after a few years it was time to give back to the community.


I became a CrossFit trainer to help others discover what they are capable of starting with functional fitness. I have learned that what we do in the gym positively transfers over into our daily lives. Also, I have learned that some of us underestimate our own capabilities and I hope to be that trainer that pushes everyone to see their own potential.
I am here for you, your goals (no matter how big or small), your transformation, and to learn from you too.


Let’s do this thing!
Lisa Dempsey

Lisa Dempsey

Co-Owner / Personal Trainer

Hi , I’m Lisa the one on one personal trainer here at Community Fitness, I’ve been personal training here for 7 plus years. I love helping people reach their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle. My clients range from 11 to 82 years young. If you are looking for personalized training and one on one coaching I would love to meet you and help you get healthy !

Katie Yska

Coach: Community Fit

Hello I am Katie Yska and have been a certified PT since April 2020.  My passion is helping women find their strength and to love themselves fully.

Like most women, I’ve battled disordered eating and unhealthy habits most of my life. I decided to make a permanent change in 2018 and in doing so, lost 100 lbs, gained incredible self love and confidence and am damn strong too! I want all women to feel this way and it’s my pleasure to help.

I believe building a strong posterior chain is the key to success and through a solid core, strong booty and balanced body and mind, we can accomplish all!
Now offering Spartan's Deka Fit classes!!!
Now offering Spartan's Deka Fit classes!!!
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